To: The President

We, the undersigned commercial fishing organizations, including members of the National Coalition for Fishing Communities, and our supporters, who collectively produce the majority of the edible finfish and shellfish harvested from U.S. waters, join with the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission, the Regional Fisheries Management Councils’ Council Coordination Committee, and over two dozen individual fish and seafood industry trade organizations in urging you to not use the federal Antiquities Act to create additional marine national monument and circumvent the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act.

The federal fisheries management process is among the most effective systems for managing living marine resources in the world. Through it, government scientists, academic researchers, representatives of the commercial, recreational, and party/charter fishing sectors, and environmentalists routinely arrive at fishery management decisions that, while seldom being fully satisfactory to all of the participants, balance the often competing interests of all of the participants in an open and well-considered manner.

The misuse of the Antiquities Act to create a marine monument is a repudiation of the past and ongoing efforts of almost everyone involved to continue to make Magnuson-Stevens management even more effective.

Please let the bipartisan Magnuson-Stevens Act work as intended.


Alaska Bering Sea Crabbers

American Scallop Association

American Albacore Fisheries Association

At-Sea Processors Association

Atlantic Bluefin Tuna Association

Atlantic Offshore Lobstermen’s Association

California Fisheries and Seafood Institute

California Lobster & Trap Fishermen’s Association

California Sea Urchin Commission

California Wetfish Producers Association

Coalition of Coastal Fisheries

Coos Bay Trawlers

Directed Sustainable Fisheries

Fisheries Survival Fund

Fishermen’s Dock Co-Op

Garden State Seafood Association

Golden King Crab Coalition

Groundfish Forum

Hawaii Longline Association

Long Island Commercial Fishing Association

Midwater Trawlers Cooperative

National Fisheries Institute

North Carolina Fisheries Association

Oregon Trawl Commission

Organized Fishermen of Florida

Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen’s Associations

Pacific Seafood Processors Association

Pacific Whiting Conservation Cooperative

Southeastern Fisheries Association

Sustainable Fisheries Coalition

United Catcher Boats

Ventura County Commercial Fishermen’s Association

Washington Trollers Association

West Coast Seafood Processors Association

Western Fishboat Owners Association