About the Coalition

All too often, the media, the public, Federal and state regulators, and Members of Congress hear one-sided and misleading information about fisheries issues from well-funded special interests. We are working together to call attention to facts from credible scientists and authorities about our fisheries and the U.S. seafood industry that have been frequently overwhelmed by misinformation from special interest campaigns.



America’s Fishing Communities

America’s fishing industry has been the foundation of not just the culture of our coastal communities, but of much of the US economy as well. Commercial fishing communities span the nation from Hawaii and America’s Pacific possessions, to Alaska, to the Pacific Northwest, the West Coast, the Gulf of Mexico, and the East Coast from Florida through the mid-Atlantic to New England.

The National Coalition for Fishing Communities gives voice to the numerous communities — municipalities, fishermen, shore-side businesses, processors, retailers, and many others — that make up America’s domestically harvested and processed seafood industry.


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America’s Fishing Industry

A look at the size of the economy of the fishing industry, how well it is sustained, and how the regulatory bodies manage the fisheries.


The US commercial fishing industry generated $141 billion in sales, $39 billion in income and supported 1.3 million jobs.

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Fisheries Management

Fisheries managers must carefully balance the Federal mandate to consider the economic needs of fishing communities.

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Our Members

Our members are a diverse group of municipalities, fisheries organizations, harvesters, auctions, processors, shore-side businesses, restaurants, and retailers. Despite our diversity, we continue to unite under our common goal: to maintain the strength of the fishing industry by providing healthy and sustainable seafood, and by continuing the economic contribution of our fisheries to our communities.