NCFC Members - Organizations


The North Carolina Fisheries Association, Inc. (NCFA) is a non-profit trade association created by
commercial fishermen in 1952, to facilitate the promotion of North Carolina families, heritage and
seafood through accessible data about the ever-changing commercial fishing industry. NCFA activities
are carried out by staff professionals and volunteers but are orchestrated and monitored by a board of
directors representing all of the State’s coastal regions and every facet of the industry including gear
type. In an effort to celebrate and preserve commercial fishing families, heritage, and seafood, NCFA
actively lobbies Local, State, and Federal legislators while engaging in a wide scope of public awareness
NCFA is committed to presenting an accurate portrait of the industry and the hardworking people
comprising it, however controversial; and it stands behind the certainty that the commercial fishing
industry begins and ends with families – from seafood-harvesting families to seafood-consuming families.