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Intershell International Corporation was founded in 1992, and has operated since as a seafood processing and distribution company. We are located on the waterfront of Gloucester, Massachusetts, US. We have always endeavored to provide high quality seafood products to our customers, locally, nationwide, and internationally.
Intershell started by serving the needs of Sushi distributors nationwide, and has grown into other markets as time has passed. Over the years we have diversified with regard to the variety of products we procure, process, sell and distribute. The foundation of our business is still based on the high quality seafood products you can count on.

Today, we process a wide variety of products focusing on raw materials landed locally. We have a fleet of local boats that bring in product on a daily basis. We also collect seafood products from Boston, Cape Cod, Portland and abroad. We sell to all of the major Sushi distributors around the country, wholesalers in Boston, internationally over seas, and to restaurants around New England. We also sell to the general public at our retail store and feature
our full compliment of fresh fish, shell fish, prepared dishes, and lobsters.